Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Pea Pods

For Mother's Day this year I really wanted to do something special for all the Mom's in my life. I knew that I couldn't take them all out to eat - I mean, I have a big-girl job and all, but I am still paying college loans and credit cards off. No money, plus no time, really didn't leave me with anything to work with.

One day while strolling through a craft show, I saw some of the cutest pendants hanging on a rack, and I knew I had to make them as my gift to the moms. It was a wire wrapped pendant to look like a pea pod with multi-colored pearls representing the birthstones of family members!

Needless to say, it was a simple, affordable way to make the moms something special to commemorate their day. (Actually, the hardest part was finding out all the birth dates of each family member.)

Here's my Grandmother's that I made her.

(This one is only for her children. Birthstones shown are Emerald (May), Alexanderite (June), Sapphire (September) and Pearl (April). The pea pods can hold up to 6 pearls and still retain shape; any more than that, the pea pod loses its shape.)

I also had an alternative to the pea pod that I made for my cousin Melissa. She and her husband do not have any children yet, but I didn't want to exclude her from the gift getting. I took some of my sterling dipped wire and made a "J" pendant and added their birthstones to the pendant.

(This particular "J" was made for my mother. There are three crystals at the bottom of the letter to represent her birthstone (April), my birthstone (September), and my sister's birthstone (April, again.) I added the touch of green because green is her favorite color.)

I will be having these in my Etsy Shop, but I really need to take some more photos before I post them there. They're $8 each, and wrapped with sterling dipped wire. Until then, they can be ordered by emailing me at If interested, just send me an email with your name, address, which type of pendant/charm is wanted, and the birthstones requested, and I can send you my Paypal information for payment.

These really did make perfect Mother's Day pendants. I am still getting phone calls from family to say thanks. And the new, and soon-to-be, moms really loved seeing this to celebrate their new family.

It just goes to show that not everything needs to cost an arm and a leg to be a sweet surprise for someone you love.

Until next time!

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