Sunday, June 23, 2013

Of Harry Potter and Disney Princesses

I've been asked by a few people what other types of crafts I do... Well, the true question needs to be what types don't do. (The only that I've recorded that I can't physically do is knit and paper quilling.)

My longest running craft is crochet. I was only four-years-old when my older cousin taught me how to chain crochet. I've come a long way since then, but my favorite thing to make is still granny squares and scarfs! And sometimes granny square scarfs!

I definitely make my crochet projects on the geeky side. Hogwarts House Scarves, Hogwarts Afghans, TARDIS's... the list goes on and on. Currently, my favorite thing is the Hogwarts House Scarves. Quite honestly, if I meet a person and they tell me they're a HP fan, I'm going to make them a close friend so I can crochet them a scarf.

For example, my friend Adam is a photographer, and last year we did a craft exchange on Facebook. What did I make? Yes, I made a Gryffindor scarf. But here recently, Adam has used his scarf in a few self-photo shoots.

Although you can't see much of the gold, it is done in Gryffindor Crimson and Gold. Quite honestly, it's a simple double crochet all over, and they're not hard to bang out at all. They're easy gifts for Christmas when you're on a budget. I don't use any special yarn on these, just the Red Heart that you can get from Walmart. This particular scarf was one skeen burgundy and one skeen gold.

Now that Pottermore is opening more, and more chapters of the books to explore, I'm finding that more friends are joining the site... guess what they're going to be getting?

I'm also working on a Hogwarts inspired, Celtic Knot quilt. That sucker is a BEAST. The pattern can be found HERE at Ravelry. The pattern is free, all the creator asks is that you don't try to make a profit off anything you make with that pattern.

I can honestly tell you, I am one block in with my afghan. However, I am linking you to a friend's craft page as she already has one done.

Tales of a Caffeine Junkie

Speaking of Addie and her awesomeness. She is in the midst of making a Disney Princess quilt for a friend who runs the Disney Princess Marathons in Disney World. She's taking existing paper-piecing patters of the princesses faces, and taking the outline and embroidering them onto black.

She's doing a fantastic job, and I can't wait to see it done.

Until next time, Geekcrafters!


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